Café Thulp

Café Thulp Casual ambience makes for a very homely feel; board games and abundance of books further enhance this feel. The food is mostly burgers, sandwiches and like, almost all of which are excellent. The highlight however is the changing menu on the blackboard: fish and prawn curry rice, Thai curry rice, pandi curry and sannas…

Café Noir

Café Noir Cafe Noir in UB city shares this same ambience and does a whole lot of lovely sandwiches, desserts and coffees, and is ideal for meeting friends and chilling out over a meal, coffee or just those in between times

Bean Fuel Café

Bean Fuel Café Nothing much of decor or ambiance, but the coffees, especially the frappes are excellent and the place is ideal for that all important caffeine shot of the day.

Boca Grande

Homely and amiable, the ambiance is very cafe and tends to make people linger. Ditto with the all day breakfast, as well as the lasagna, crepes and other desserts.

Berries and Barrels

Berries and Barrels is a cafe with a twist. A coffee and wine lounge with a chic ambiance, it serves wines, wine cocktails, coffee, smoothies and juices and caters to all age groups.

Ants Café

Relaxed and laid back atmosphere, this is ideal for a leisurely meal; there's even an all day breakfast so doesn't matter what time you wake up, try the eggs, sandwiches and coffees.

Au Bon Pain

Au Bon Pain A chain of smart looking cafes serving a variety of beverages, cakes, pastries, breads and short eats, these are good to chill and catch up with friends. They also do hot Sandwiches, soups, pastas and rice and curry dishes for quickie lunches. Also at: ITPB, Whitefield Road Phone: +91 80-2841 22 60 / 61 Mantri Square Mall, Malleshwaram, Phone: +...

Phobidden Fruit

Phobidden fruit serves authentic Vietnamese cuisine. With its minimalist decor and soothing ambiance, you are guaranteed a transcending experience.

Blue Ginger

Blue Ginger Blue Ginger is among the most scenic restaurants in Bengaluru, The greenery and serenity of the water by day are matched by the elegance of lanterns and coolness at night. More edgy is the fact that it is not your usual restaurant but serves niche Vietnamese cuisine that is fresh and delicious. High end and set in a beautiful location with greener...

Taste Of Tibet Restaurant

Taste Of Tibet Restaurant "Ther were many hotels dishing out chinese food but none serving Tibetan Food" In the heart of Bangalore exists a slice of Tibet. Established in 2001 situated on second floor of the bustling Dubai plaza, there is a small turning that leads towards Taste of Tibet. However, it's so well hidden that you might miss it if you blink. A homely restaurant...

Rim Naam

Rim Naam Rim Naam inside The Oberois is magical, beautiful and offers great Thai food. Spacious, outdoorsy and open you can feast on chicken in pandana leaf, raw papaya salad, prawns, rice paper rolls, fish in tamarind sauce. Thai red curry, steamed fish with lemon, stir fried beef and pad thai in the outdoor setting that overlooks the serene garden and...

Hae Kum Gang Restaurants

Not much of a place to look at, the restaurant nevertheless provides a large window into Korean food. The best way to go about it is by having the set meal with kimchi soupl, chicken in chilli sauce, roast pork, tossed greens and such like. Average meal for two: 7500


Stylish and elegant, with traditional Japanese low-seating at one end of the restaurant this is for the true Jap food lover. The sushi and sashimi are great, as are the prawn tempura, stewed pork and soba noodles. Average meal for two: 1000


Perhaps the classiest pan Asian restaurant in the city, it is elegant and meant for a leisurely meal. Try the exotic dishes, which are done very well: teppanyaki, sushi, tempuras, and glass noodles. Thai soups and curries.

Yo China Restaurant

Meant for the yuppie crowd and focusing on boxed meals, Yo China outlets are breezy with nothing much to distinguish. The fare is mostly basic fried rice; noodles, veggie and chicken sides; combo meals and momos are also popular. Average meal for two: Rs 400

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