100 Feet

100 Feet Stylish, with indoor and outdoor seating, it is a boutique restaurant ringed by trees. Food is mostly Med; try the tapas, pastas, risottos, and the lobster thermidor.

My Tea House

My Tea House Meant to be a refuge for the serious tea drinker, the ambience is nevertheless one of relaxation, where one can linger over a cuppa. Choices range from Nilgiris and Darjeeling to Arabian, Ceylon and Tibetan. Have the cakes if you feel peckish.

Mr Beans

Mr Beans Warm and lovely, with nice little niches for groups, some of the appeal of the place comes from the hookahs; the menu is quite diverse ranging from pizzas, sandwiches and burgers to brownies, cakes, ice-creams and shakes.


Mocha Hip and happening at one point, it has lot of competition. The Lavelle Road outlet is charming due to the location. Apart from the usual cappuccino and latte, there are some choices from across the world; food is rich and sinful.

Kalmane Koffee

Kalmane Koffee Spartan but clean and tidy, this chain focuses on the matter at hand: coffee. There are a few choices, but almost everything is good, fresh and reasonably priced. No deflecting attention with fancy food either. Also at: Kalmane Koffee Forum Mall, Koramangala, Garuda Mall, Magrath Road Phone: 080-32519870 Kalmane Koffee Mantri Mall, Malleswaram...

Java City

Java City A few outlets spread out, it has a casual atmosphere that is a great hit with youngsters; live music in the evenings is also a draw. The Mysore coffee is good while the food is quite ordinary.


Infinitea Smartly done up tea place, it is trendy and has become a place for the young to hang out. It offers a wide range of teas as well as a selection of interesting snacks and meal combos.

Cha Bar

Cha Bar A smart tea lounge attached to a book store, the combo couldn’t be better. It has a wide variety of teas from all over the country and beyond, accompanied by some delicious Cakes and cookies.

Café Terra

Café Terra More of an all-day breakfast kind of place, which also serves meal combos, this is more a Café Terra homely kind of place to linger or get that familiar dish. To go with the coffee, try the muffins and waffles.

Café Pascucci

Café Pascucci No doubt about the Italian connection, though the décor is quite generic done in reds, blacks and pastels. Specialty Italian coffees are worth a try though the food is quite Ordinary. Also at - Malleswaram, Jayanagar, Mysore, Chennai.

Café Matteo

Café Matteo Trendy and buzzing, with a choice of indoor and outdoor seating, Matteo is a notch above the usual coffee places. Nice range of coffees while some of the dishes, especially burgers, pastas and salads, are delicious.

India Coffee House

India Coffee House Old and nostalgic, this is Bangalore’s pride. Cramped, no-frills and dowdy attitude of the waiters notwithstanding, the coffee is authentic and the scrambled eggs are favorites. Great place to catch up with old friends.

Gloria Jeans

Gloria Jeans Trendy and yuppie, this is the place for those who like peace and calm. Some of the coffees are innovative and good, like the vanilla coffee. Food is good but nothing spectacular.

Café Coffee Day

Café Coffee Day Warm ambience, cool music, laughter, smiles. Whether you a professional nomad who want to work in peace with your laptop, want to spend some time with your loved ones or need to be with yourself, swanky coffee shops are more than perfect spot for every occasion. The simple cup of coffee has lately become a measure of one's cool quotient. It's now...


Barista Funky when it started out, this has become just another chain of coffee shops; the blaring music could be an irritant for some, though others swear by the cappuccino. A few of the cakes and muffins are delectable. Also at: M G Road, Bangalore Phone: 080-41134817 Cunningham Road, Bangalore Phone: 080-41148062 Koramangla Ring Road, Bangalore Phone:...

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