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When "Preetse" was announced by Producer Rockline Venkatesh with Shivaraj Kumar and Upendra in the lead, it was something like a casting coup. The film was a remake of Hindi hit "Darr" directed by Yash Chopra and Upendra who had already acquired a Super Star status in Kannada film industry playing the role of what Shah Rukh Khan did in the Hindi original was itself enough to stimulate the film viewers. "Preetse" has released now and it is worth every paisa that is given for the ticket. The film is lavishly produced, superbly crafted with each member of the unit putting his efforts to make what the film comes out on celluloid.

It is to the credit of Director D.Rajendra Babu to have changed some points from the original film to suit the taste of the present day audience and also to reduce the length of the movie by nearly 30 minutes. He has also extracted good performances from all the lead artists and the technical expertise that has gone into the making of the film, can only be termed as top class.
It is only the music which is below the quality expected of such a film, and it is better for music director Hamsalekha to rectify and improve

the quality of his work. Another sore note is that the climax appears to be too lengthy and calls for a little cuts here and there to make it more appealing. Director Babu once again proves that he is one of the best directors in the Kannada film industry.
The outdoor shooting in Australia has jelled well with the film’s narration, and the song picturisations are the highlight of the film. "Preetse Preetse", "Sai Sai Sai" and "Chukki" songs are simply brilliant for their rendering and also for the picturisations. But it is the re-recording work that falls below the expected level.
Lead actors Shivaraj Kumar and Upendra come out with brilliant performances. Upendra fits into the role he plays and just enjoys it like a fish in a lake. Sonali Bendre is expressive and looks glamorous on the screen. Srinath. Anant Nag and Vanitha Vasu have filled in the bill quite adequately. P.K.H.Doss once again proves that he is most competent cameraman in the Kannada film industry. "Preetse" is a well made film and the way it is attracting people after its release just proves that the film deserved to win and also people were eagerly looking forward to see it.
The Story
The story revolves around a navy officer Surya (Shivaraj Kumar) who is deeply in love with Kiran (Sonali Bendre). Chandra, a college-mate of Kiran is secretly and passionately in love with her, but being an introvert he does not want to reveal his love. He wants to go to any lengths to fulfil his ambition and get Kiran. Kiran is haunted by this secret lover’s antics who follows her wherever She goes and sings an emotionally charged song.
Chandra comes to know of Kiran’s marriage plans with Surya. He tries to abort this marriage and even plans to eliminate Surya with whom he has a good acquaintance. But Surya, unaware of Chandra’s attempts, survives. The couple the proceed to Australia on a honeymoon trip wherein Chandra also lands up. Chandra’s true colours are revealed to Surya by Kiran’s brother (Ananth Nag). In a dramatic finale, Surya comes out to a ship, after being stabbed earlier by Chandra. Chandra pleads Kiran to marry him since Surya has already been murdered. Surya saves Kiran and then Chandra shoots himself.



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