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Andhra Hendti....

Andhra Hendti

Andhra Hendti!
Cast: Ramya Krishna, Madhan Mallu, Anant Nag, Thirller Manju, Asha Latha, Doddanna, Shob Raj
Direction: A R Babu
Music: Shivamaya

Ramya Krishna

The past few weeks have seen the release of similar movies like: Maduve Agona Ba, Gatti Mela and in the same genre comes Andhra Hendti!. The film is about a Telugu girl who falls in love with a Kannada boy and they end up getting married. The hero has a strict mother and he along with his two brothers are scared even at the sight of her. The hero i.e. Madan Mallu is a singer; ends up marrying an Andhra girl called Ramya Krishna after meeting her at a National Level Singing contest. But his mother is not ready to accept the marriage. Further, how they keep their marriage a secret, how the truth is revealed, and how they convince his mother to accept the girl forms the essence of the story. Whether the hero succeeds or not

forms the second half of the movie. There is one clue for audience, those who know Telugu would find it easier to watch the movie, since throughout the movie, the heroine-Andhra Hendti speaks only in Telugu.
Overall the movie lacks quality in the department of direction, cinematography, editing and is packed with fights, emotions, comedy and romance. Some scenes are so confusing that it leaves the audience wondering whether to laugh at them or take them seriously. In this movie 50% of the conversation is in Telugu, and one begins to wonder whether it is a Telugu movie or a Kannada movie. Ramyakrishna (Heroine), Jayanthi (Heroine's mother) and Thriller Manju never speak in Kannada. The first half is loud with nonsense comedy, along with some unwanted scenes that do not go well with the storyline. 

Ramya Krishna, Madhan Mallu, Anant Nag



In the cast department, Madan Mallu (although a newcomer) has done a decent and good job of playing the role of a hero. His dialogue delivery is neat and pronunciation good. But his make-up is not upto the mark and  he needs to improve it in his future movies. Ramya Krishna, who is acting in Kannada film Yaare Nee Abhimani with Shivaraj Kumar after long break has done well as a talkative girl in Telugu. Jayanthi had done a creditable job. Ananthnag's role is wasted. Thriller Manju's stunts are good for his fans. Doddanna, Karibasavaiah, Tennis Krishna and Mimicry Jayaram have done their bit for the comedy sequences. Shivamaya's (Music Director) music is average. He has taken many songs from popular folk songs of North

Karnataka. There is nothing new in the story line. Overall the movie is not bad but the audience can watch it only once.


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