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Aunty Preethse.........

Aunty Preethse


Movie Review: Aunty Preethse
Khushboo, Ananth Nag, Ram Kumar, Balaraj, Anu Prabhakar 
Muni Rathna

This is a remake of Telugu film ‘Aunty’. Ramkumar, Balraj and Anand are three young chaps who don't have a job and are behind

Aunty to get married to her. Getting married to her would bring them a fortune,i.e. Aunty's huge property. They try their best to achieve this goal but in vain. Aunty happens to be the wife of Ananth Nag who thinks she is dead in an accident. The climax of the movie reaches a situation where her husband carries her to the hospital not knowing it is his wife and then to his astonishment discovers that indeed she is his wife. But things take a different turn......................
Most of the credit in this movie goes to Aunty, i.e. Khushboo. She looks very charming and sweet. She has emoted too well in most of the scenes. Ramkumar looks smart and has given a fine performance. Ananthnag is deprived of a major role. It is same as in the case of Anu Prabhakar. Balraj has done over acting and Anand has not utilized his scope.

Doddanna as money-lender is at his usual best.  
The notable artist of this film is Tennis Krishna. He has done his best in making the audience laugh to the core. In order to achieve this , the trick he has used is that he cannot withstand any ‘aunties’ dressed scantily. So, he, in his sign language expresses his good intentions but ends up getting blows for this.
As for the music, there are three lovely foot-tapping tunes by Chaitanya (L.N.Shastri). Kalyan’s lyrics do not go unnoticed.
This movie can be fairly termed to a well-made movie. There is a proper balance of everything in this movie.


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