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Movie Review:Huchcha
Sudeep, Rekha, Avinash, Tharakesh Patel, Shivaram, Venkat Rao, Kaushik, Kote Prabhakar
Music:Rajesh Ramanathan
Director:Om Prakash Rao
Producer: Rehman
Lyrics: K.Kalyan

"Huchcha" is the story of a young guy, Sachidanand and his tragic love story. Sachidanand's world

comprises of his brother who is a judge, his affectionate sister in law and a cute, naughty niece. Sachi, though he is considered to be a terror in the college is equally timid at heart.
Sachi alias Kicha becomes exceedingly popular in the college after winning the college elections but unfortunately, earns a few enemies as well. He then happens to see Shobita(Rekha) who hails from an orthodox Brahmin family. His

initial reaction becomes that of ragging her which changes in no time by seeing her tenderness.
Shobita meanwhile gets terribly confused seeing the dual nature of Sachi, that of pure love on one side and a rugged nature on the other. Sachi finally convinces Shobita of his love for her and when Shobita is also in the process of expressing her love for him, Sachi is attacked by his old enemies and this opens the doors for him to the mental asylum. There, he undergoes treatment and finally when we gets cured, he finds it difficult to convince others that he is no more mad but cured now. Meanwhile, Shobita comes to meet Sachi and gets grief-struck by seeing him in that condition. She keeps the "Chakuli" near him and leaves. On seeing the "Chakuli", Sachi remembers Shobita and manages to escape from his present clutches. He rushes to Shobita who unable to see the pain in which Sachi is, commits suicide. Sachi

realises that it is too late now for anything. He feels he has lost everything in life and returns back to the mental asylum.
Huchcha is a remake of the popular Tamil movie "Sethu". Sudeep in the role of Sachidanand has given a brilliant performance. He must have been very courageous to accept such a difficult role in the very beginning of his career itself. Avinash and Venkat Rao have rendered good support. Tharakesh Patel has finally got a good opportunity. He gets very well

noticed in the friend's role and does provide some lively moments. Rekha doesn't look too good in close ups and looks odd when she opens her wide mouth.
The combination of Music Director, Rajesh Ramanathan and lyricist K.Kalyan is working wonders lately. There are about three good songs and the background song by Yesudas is quite meaningful. Cinematography by Anaji Nagaraj is excellent as well. The environment in the asylum throws light on life in these kind of asylums.
Overall, Huchcha can be termed to be a nicely made movie and one can go for it without second thoughts.


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