Medium and Long Term Loans

KSIIDC provides medium and long term loans for projects planned in Karnataka. Loans are made a vailable for setting up of new projects as well as for expansion, modernisation or diversification. Under the refinance scheme of IDBI/SIDBI, the Corporation will provide Term Loans upto Rs. 250 laksh for a single project/scheme

It also provides Term Loans (Non Refinanceable) beyond Rs. 250 laksh and upto Rs. 4 crores per proposal, subject to a maximum outstanding limit of Rs. 6 crores. It can also syndicate Term Loans under an arrangement with IDBI/KSFC/Banks for a project costing upto Rs. 10 crores.

A special scheme offering ½ % reduction on interest, on term Loan proposals to companies with excellent track record is also provided.

Visit (official website of KSIIDC) for more information.