Prepared Policing

1. Makkala Sahaya vani (MSV) - Child Helpline

An initiative of the Bangalore City Police to attend to the problems of children was established in the premises of the office of the Commissioner of Police on 30th December 1997. This is a helpline for children with a toll free telephone No.1091.

The primary objective of the Makkala Sahaya Vani is to respond to the immediate needs of any child in crisis. The other objectives are providing shelter, medical care, legal aid, counselling and protecting children and helping them to realise their rights

Makkala Sahaya Vani has received active support from various organisations, individuals, corporate sectors, institutions and community groups. Makkala Sahaya Vani has received 36,816 calls of various types since the time of its inception till 30th October 1999.

MSV is manned by trained women police constables and volunteers.

In addition to the activity of helping children Makkala Sahaya Vani in collaboration with the UNICEF has organised several training courses to officers and men of the City police to sensitize them to the rights and problems of children.

Bangalore City Police has the unique distinction of being the first force in the country to have established an exclusive helpine for children.

Makkala Sahaya Vani responds to calls ranging from :-

  • Counselling for emotional problems,
  • On harrassment, exploitation and sexual abuse,
  • shelter for lost / missing children and to reunite them with families,
  • Legal Medical services,
  • Calls from public and parents of children who are mentally and physically handicapped,
  • Children denied of their earnings,
  • Children who just want to speak to MSV.

2. Makkala Ashraya - Children Home

To rehabilitate street and runaway children, a project called "Makkala Ashraya" (children home) was launched and a Transit crisis shelter was opened in Gandhinagar during January 1999. The Transit Crisis shelter is run round - the - clock with the help of volunteers. Efforts are made to trace the parents of such children and restore them to their parents and where parents cannot be traced they are provided with vocational training by placing them 'with NGO's working for such children.

3. Vanitha Sahaya vani (VSV) - Women Helpline

The Bangalore City Police has initiated the women helpline named Vanitha Sahaya Vani (Women helpline) on 22.1.99. Any person can dial telephone No.1091 any Women in to repart crises situation. The volunteers and women police personal work a 8 am to 8 pm on this helpline to provide the following services.

  • Telephone counseling
  • Immediate rescue of women in crisis through trained volunteers and police,
  • Short stay home,
  • Family counseling,
  • Rehabilitation.

4. Mobile Office of Commissioner

Launched on 15.8.1998. The Mobile Office of the Commissioner is conceived to have direct interaction of Senior Officers with the problems of the community, specially with those who have no direct access to senior officers of the police. Periodically the Commissioner of Police accompanied by the Senior Officers of the commissionerate visits different parts of the city to ascertain the problems of citizens and to provide on the spot remedies. This has helped the senior officers to get first hand information of the problems of citizens.

Due publicity is given in advance about the areas in which the mobile office to be held. This has been a tremendous success in bringing the police and the community together.