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Surekha continues her exploration of the sensuousness of the female body and her self-conscious choice recreats craft associated with women.  The surface of her works use the female body as garment.  She recreates a profusion of marks and staining of blood.  Sexuality is suggested through gestures of the stain, blotting and clotting of the fluid with a minimal palette of Indian red dye.   Running stitches in thread create a new dimension and surface tension but this craft of sewing is excessively used in a decorative way.  Here the artist is re-looking at the craft and equating its status with the hierarchy of fine arts.



Surekha brings in an interesting quotation of the choli, the stitched garment and the role it plays to signify a "foreign" influence on the native body.  This blouse becomes a frame for multiple experiments but looks monotonous.  Some interesting works are transformed into a landscape of memory, ritual and the seduction through the frontal showcasing like a commodity in the bazaar.  The viewer comes together to explore the encased garment that speaks about the complexity of desire, the ritual of work and gesture of oblation.

But the artiste seems to be fascinated and hasty with her new found format.

These cholis are a neatly-packaged icons in sleek acrylic boxes and assume a new status of rarified museum display. The archaic surface quality is now enshirned for posterity.


Born in Bangalore
Diploma in Painting, Ken School of Arts, Bangalore 1990
MFA in Painting, Kala Bhavan, Santiniketan 1992
'Artist-in-Residence', Aarau, Switzerland, 1999


  • Jehangir Art Gallery, Bombay, 1993
  • Crimson Art Gallery, Bangalore, 1996
  • Sista's Art Gallery, Kalayatra, Bangalore, 1997
  • C.K.P.Art Gallery, Bangalore, 1998, 99
  • Rathaus, Aarau, Switzerland, 1999


? Ken-90, Bangalore, 1990
? Academy of Fine Arts, Calcutta, 1991
? Kala Mela, Birla Academy, Calcutta, 1991
? 'Celebrating Cultural Plurality', Bangalore, 1993
? 'Women Artists-94', Hyderabad, 1994
? 'Femme Actuelle, Femme Eternelle', International Women Artists' show,
? Alliance Francaise, Bangalore, Madras, Pondicherry and Kerala, 1997
? 'Retracing the Lost Terrain', Lakeeren Art Gallery, Bombay, 1998
? "Territories: an Art Event', installation at the outkirts of Bangalore, 1998
? 'Edge of the Century', New Delhi, 1999
? 'Journey of the Hand', Workshop in Video Art, Max Mueller Bhavan,
  Bangalore, 1997

  At present the artist lives and works in Bangalore.

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