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Amarnath received a B.F.A (Visual Arts) from Chitrakala Parishat, College of Fine Arts, in 1991. Turning to the study of art, he earned a Post- graduate Degree from M.S. University, Baroda. With many exhibitions to his credit, he is also the recipient of the Karnataka State Lalitkala Academy Award (1986) and the Mysore Dasara award (1987).

He has also received the National Scholarship from the Department of Culture in 1988 and the Inlaks Scholarship (London) in 1993, to work in India.  A native of Bangalore City, he is at present working in the Department of Architecture as Faculty Member. His collections are currently in India, Switzerland, Japan and the U.S.


M.S.Amarnath's paintings have a nervous intensity like his persona. During his student days at the Chitrakala Parishath, he showed brilliant skill in his formative work that represented the immediate surroundings, like small cameos of everyday life and children in nature. He constantly believes in preserving the true spirit of child- like spontaneity in his work, a sense of wonder of creation and a curiosity about the order of things. In these early works Amarnath is most resonant, unleashing expressionistic torment in his images.

Overpowered by his own circumstances of being radical in thought, the potential seeds scattered in that critical moment are still being nurtured in this soil, sprouting into a canvas of hieroglyphics that retain the heroic energy in a dynamic gesture of abstract idealism.


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