Promoting Kannada in IT (IT Policies)

The Government of Karnataka is totally committed to usage of Kannada in the State. While Kannada is being used in all the Government offices it is important to promote Kannada usage via Information Technology. The Government of Karnataka has already taken steps in this direction.

The Government of Karnataka with the active co-operation of the Kannada Abhivruddhi Pradhikara, Kannada Ganaka Parishad, Kannada and Culture Department as well as several Kannada and Culture Department as well as several Kannada researchers has already evolved a common keyboard. The Government is committed to complete the process of standardization and prescribe standard formats and codes for all the software companies.

The Government is pleased to constitute a committee under the Chairmanship of Secretary to Government, Kannada and Cultural Department to standardize the formats and codes so that the development of Kannada software can take place rapidly. The Government will provide incentives for the development of Kannada software.