Eradicate Poverty & Empower Women

Self-help groups for women have become important tools for eradication of poverty and unemployment.

The Government of Karnataka proposes to use Information Technology to track all these beneficiaries. The Information Technology is proposed to be used as a tool to eradicate poverty and empower women.

It is proposed to document every self-help group in Karnataka. This documentation will include the name of the beneficiary, the family particulars, her contribution to the corpus of the group found or borrowings from the group fund, revolving fund received from the Government of Karnataka, credit received from the concerned bank, the interest due and paid etc. These particulars will be computerized and stored in the respective bank branches where groups would be investing their savings.

In addition, the IT Department would be involved enthusiastically in several rural development projects. These include providing drinking water via follow-on project of the Worked Bank, computerizing Village Panchayats, building MIS system for the Zilla Panchayats, etc.