How do I correct mistakes on my SSLC marks card?

Declaration of results

The results of every examination conducted by the Board shall be published the manner indicated in Annexure III on such date as may be decided by the Board.

Publication of results
The final results shall be approved and published by the Secondary Education Board ordinarily on 1st June for the Regular Examination and on 31st December for the Supplementary Examination.

Award of certificates
The Board shall award a certificate to every candidate who appears for any examination in such form as the Board may decide, indicating the results of such candidate in such examination.

Issue of duplicate certificate, marks cards, etc.
The Board may on application either by a candidate or by a parent of guardian of such candidate and on payment of the fees specified in Annexure VI issue duplicate marks card migration certificates, cumulative records and duplicate cumulative records and extracts of such documents forming part of the official records of the Board as it may decide.

Correction of mistakes in the Marks cards
The mistakes there may be in the certificates and marks cards of the candidates after the examination will be corrected as per the application details only. In this regard, the heads of the schools should note that any recommendations regarding this form would never be entertained. So they should take care so as to send the hall ticket corrections as per school register.