Bangalore School of Music (BSM)

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Bangalore School of Music

The music institute established in 1987 teaches all kinds of music forms, instruments and other art forms like dance, theater etc. It inculcates discipline, confidence and sense of commitment in people and aims at cultural unity through music.

The BSM has a unique 3600 approach to music development, an integrated circle of music comprising of Music Education, Music Promotion via concerts, festivals, seminars etc., Music Outreach for the underprivileged, Cross Cultural Dialogues & Festivals and Audience Development, all orchestrated in harmony to bring the wonderful powers of music into the everyday lives of our communities.

The BSM attracts an enthusiastic group of students, spanning various age groups – from little children taking their first steps into music, to professionals who are keen to take their music to higher levels.
Teaching classical music, both eastern and western, our students train for the London Board & Progressive Music Examinations. A dedicated group of 30 teachers train over 500 young people each year. Musical training is given free to nearly 200 children from economically weaker sections.

Bangalore School of Music
No 8, CBI Main Road HMT-HBCS Layout, RT Nagar (Next to St. Jude’s Church)
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+91 23536090, 23546090
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