Attakalari Centre for Movement Arts

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Attakalari Centre for Movement Arts

Attakalari Centre is a charitable organization which concentrates on contemporary dance, Kalarippayattu, yoga, ballet and other dance forms. The institute organises and produces different events related to the contemporary dance. It also plays a key role in bringing out digital arts.

A key objective of the Centre is to demystify the art form, making it accessible to all sections of society. Attakkalari collaborates with video and digital artistes, composers, musicians and choreographers from around the world and also functions as a resource centre for young and upcoming artistes from other parts of the world who are interested in Indian culture, aesthetics and movement idioms.

Attakkalari has facilitated the development of an enhanced and extensive programme that includes national and international Platforms for Exchange and Performance; Strategic movement and Digital Arts development; Research and documentation; new performance works by the Attakkalari Repertory; a Diploma in Movement Arts and Mixed Media; and Education and Outreach programmes. As an umbrella organization, Attakkalari provides dynamic leadership and makes strategic intervention to stimulate the growth of a vibrant contemporary performing arts scene in the country.

Attakkalari’s mission is to spread the reach of contemporary performance arts and to make dance a viable career option for young people. We work to empower young artists by giving them the necessary tools and training that will enable them to create fresh physical expressions related to their experiences, memories and thoughts. The company’s dance productions articulate human dilemmas and socially relevant ideas through a contemporary performance idiom. Through our outreach programmes we work with all communities, cutting across cultural and economic barriers, reinforcing our vision of a secular and globally pluralistic society.

Attakkalari has its own Repertory Dance Company, which performs works in India and internationally. The Repertory's productions are at the forefront of the contemporary Indian dance scene and often incorporate cutting-edge digital arts, imaginative lighting and innovative music. Attakkalari’s highly successful, full length, multimedia dance productions, choreographed by its Artistic Director, Jayachandran Palazhy, have received much acclaim and have been performed at prestigious festivals all across the world.

Attakalari Centre for Movement Arts
24-04, BTS Bus Depot Road, Wilson Garden, Behind Mandovi Motors
Contact Info
+9180 2212 3684 / 4148 3534 / 4146 7690

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