Kalaripayaltu is one hell of a way to join the Indian dance fitness scheme. This age-old martial arts and classical dance blend from Kerala is the ultimate mixture of dance and exercise.

Kalaripayattu traces its roots to South India and retains the raw power, strength and animalistic instincts that it evolved from. Today, it is a form practiced by experts tram other dance styles, to build stamina and improve technique. For those looking for some serious body toning, Kalaripayattu packs defensive martial arts moves with graceful dance stances into one, energetic performance.

As legend has it, the ancient warriors of Kerala, used Kalaripayattu techniques to prime their bodies and sharpen their reflexes. Today, modern day theatre performers and dancers alike are turning to Kalaripayuttu to improve their co-ordination and strengthen their bodies for performance. The Kalari Gurukulam, situated on the outskirts of Bengaluru, offers residential courses for Kalari enthusiasts at an introductory and advanced level. Their programmes comprise body toning exercises, acrobatics, fighting stances and even sessions on identifying students marmas or energy points and using them as a form of treatment for different ailments.

Where you can enroll for learning Kalaripayattu in Bangalore:

Kalari Gurukulam
#102, Maple Meadows, Chikkagubbi, T: 99451 55995,
Web: www.kalarigurukulam.com

Kalari Academy of Performing Arts
#25, VN Plaza, Bazaar Street, Brigade Cross Road
T:99451 55995
Web: www.kalaripayattu.org