Datura Poisoning

Datura poisoning is the third commonest poisons in India. 'Datura' or thorn-apple is common in India and the crushed seeds are administered in food and drink by criminals, with intent to rob rather than to kill.


Are those of Belladona poisoning, coming on fairly rapidly after intake of poison. Dryness of throat, flushing of face with a hot dry skin and widely dilated and fixed pupils are typical signs. Difficulty in swallowing occurs with restlessness. Purposeless movement with muttering delirium, lead on to a condition of coma, with death from failure of heart and respiration. The pupils remain widely dilated throughout, and for days after recovery which may take place.


  • Give an emetic.
  • Prevent hypnosis by flicking with towels or cold douching.
  • Apply, warmth and artificial respiration, if necessary.