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Kavitha Lankesh's 'Deveeri' comes out as a totally different film. It is like a breath of fresh air in the already spoilt Kannada films, which is ruled by bad or mediocre films. It is certainly a challenge for a debutant director to take such a daring subject which deals with the people living in slum areas. The crude exploitation, poverty, the political nexus are clearly portrayed. But what is more appealing is the sensitive portrayal of the relations between a sister and his adolescent brother. Infact, the film itself is a narration of what the boy sees and how he reacts to the situations.

Besides the powerful story and a powerful script, Kavitha Lankesh is ably assisted by her technicians like Cameraman S.Ramachandra, Art Director Shashidhara Adapa and Issac who has scored the background score. Infact Shashidhara Adapa"s creation of the slum sets are extraordinary as much as the perfect lighting and focus of Cameraman S.Ramachandra. Manohar has done the song recording for the film, and they are just O.K., and the film would have been good even without them.

Nandita Das plays the role of Deveeri and Master Manjunath plays the role of Kyatha in the film. Both have performed their roles quite appreciably. The supporting cast of Kashi, Bhavana, Rajendra Kumar Arya and Krishne Gowda have performed adequately.

"Deveeri" is certainly a must see film for all classes of people, as it has that powerful story line and narration that can appeal to one and all.


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