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The film 'Deepavali' is eagerly looked forward to by the Kannada film viewers because it is for the first time that two talented actors-Vishnuvardhan and Ramesh are being teamed up. Incidentally, both of them are recipients of the State Government's Best Actor Award. One more attraction of the film is that it is directed by Dinesh Baboo, who has a flair for comedy. Koti returns to Kannada films after a long time through "Deepavali".

"Deepavali" is a laugh riot, according to both Producer Shankar and Director Dinesh Baboo. "I can assure that the people will have an uninterrupt ed 135 minutes laugh in the film and even one minute will not be lagging in the film" assures Producer Shankar.

Vishnuvardhan is paired with Chandni. Bhavana, who plays Vishnu's sister in the film is paired with Ramesh. Both Vishnuvardhan and Ramesh have expressed their happiness about the way the film has shaped up. While Ramesh says that it was Vishnu's presence in the film which had egged him to give the best shot, Vishnu says that Ramesh did a lot of homework for his role and he was inspired by Ramesh.

The Audio Cassettes of the film has been released already. Vishnu and Ramesh the roles of executives in a firm manufacturing locks and keys. While Vishnu is strict and focussed in his work, his colleague Ramesh wants to lead an easy life and is a compulsive liar. Both of them land up in difficult situations, and how they come out of the soup forms the storyline.



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