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Ramu Enterprises has become a brand name for producing lavishly mounted acting films in Kannada. "Ak47", "Simhada Mari" "Lockup Death", "Circle Inspector" and "Lady Commissioner" are the examples. All the films mentioned here are Super hits. Now, Producer Ramu is now focussed on completing his new film "Chamundi"-another lavish block buster which will be released sometime in the thrid or fourth week of April.
"Chamundi" will have Malashri playing a dynamic Police Officer busting the anti social rackets of some big shots including a big industrialist. Prakash Rai plays the villains role in the film. Kushboo will play the role of the advocate sister of Malashri. The film will have DTS recording and graphics work in it.
Malashri is making a comeback into films after a gap of nearly three years, says that her decision to act in the film was inspired by the tight screen play of the film. According to the Director Mohan Gandhi the films title role would perfectly suit Malashri and she has proved her talent once again. "She has not used dupe in several key action sequences and even fight master Ram Shetty was surprised" the director adds.
For Ramu it is one more film to prove his credentials as a quality film maker. "The Kannada audience have always responded positively to my attempts to make good and lavishly mounted products. They have encouraged me. I would continue to strive to give my best to every film and would not compromise on the quality of the film" says Ramu.
Ramu has planned an elaborate publicity for the film, which cannot escape the film goer's attention.





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