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Director P.H. Vishwanath comes out with another winner in 'Arunodaya; a please all film which has all the ingredients required to make a competent and good film, and which at the same time retains some class. The director had his stamp in his earlier films like ' Panchamaveda' , ' Srigandha' and ' Aragini' has disappointed many Kannada film goers with his hackneyed and purposeless direction in films like 'Rangoli' and 'Andaman' . But it appears that one failure is enough to correct the mistakes of a very good craftsman and learner. Vishwanath just proves this in recently released 'Arunodaya'.

The story of 'Arunodaya' looks akin to the recently released 'Premotsava' directed by Dinesh Baboo. Dinesh Baboo did the same mistakes that Vishwanath committed during the  making of 'Andaman'.
Both would do well to retain their own styles of narration, without aping some commercial directors. It is heartening to note that both Dinesh Baboo and Vishwanath have now in a series come out with good films- coming in successive weeks.

The first half of 'Arunodaya' virtually looks like a picnic trip. It is Vijayalakshmi who comes out with a brilliant performance in these sequences, even to the extent of over powering Ramesh.. Sharan also comes out with a good performance. In the second half, Vishwanath goes to his familiar mould making way for some sentimental sequences. Some sequences may appear to be unnecessary, but Vishwanath pumps in a lot of tempo in these sequences. But, the climax sequence looks jarring and illogical. Ramesh comes out with a good performance and Shilpa usually is top class. But as has been said already, it is Vijayalakshmi who steals the show. It is like Sourav Ganguly getting the man of the match award despite Rahul Dravid playing equally well. Humsalekha has scored some very good tunes. The title song is very good . Krishna Kumar's photography is as usual the highlight of the film..(Krishna Kumar was the photographer for this year's mega hit film (Upendra). B.A. Madhu has written dialogues that matches the story narration. Arunodaya is a perfect viewing for Kannada film goers this year end.


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