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Emphasis on Infrastructure development

To remove the infrastuctural bottlenecks that hinder the industrial progress and over all growth of the economy, the government of Karnataka has proposed to undertake the following measures:

  • KIADB/KSSIDC/KEONICS/KSIIDC will actively associate in setting up captive power generation station, with suitable distribution networks in all major industrial areas/estates, in association with the private sector where such projects are needed.

  • KIADB/KSSIDC/KEONICS/KSIIDC will take up suitable water supply schemes whether on their own or in association with BWSSB/ KUWS & DB and the concerned beneficiaries.

  • To improve transport facilities to major industrial areas/estates from the nearby/adjacent townships private industries/ associations, would be permitted to operate bus services, even in the nationalized routes for specific industrial areas/estates on specified routes.

  • For pollution control KSSIDC/KSIIDC/KEONICS would initiate following action:
    1. Establishment of common effluent treatment plant in association with the concerned polluting industries.
    2. Provision of suitable facilities/area for dumping/disposal of solid wastes generated within the industrial areas/estates.
    3. Planting of saplings/trees to improve the environment within the industrial area/estate.

  • KIADB/KSSIDC/KEONICS would earmark and an appropriate place within the industrial area/estate to create the following facilities, wherever necessary:
    1. Police station/Out Post.
    2. Fire station,
    3. Cr?che & child care units
    4. Banks
    5. Telecommunication and postal services
    6. Educational facilities including it is.
    7. Health care facilities like ESI hospitals, PHCs etc.
    8. Industrial Housing.

  • KSSIDC would be the Nodal Agency in respect of all Industrial estates in the SSI sector. Where necessary KSSIDC would associate the private sector in this endeavor.



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