Every thing is possible to him who believes

This great saying about one's faith and will power is equally appreciable to an ordinary individual who is aspiring for success in life. In the words of Vernon Howard. 'Every man is what he imagines himself to be.' Our actual life often confirms to our pictured life. Therefore a certain way to change one's actual self is to change one's way of thinking

Our thoughts and attitudes ultimately shape our destinies. Since we have the power to control our thoughts, we can control our way of thinking. By choosing what we think, we have in us the strength to change the condition of our life from failure to success and from misery to mirth. Developing a tolerant attitude is the first step that we can take in the direction of success in life.

Obstacles that come on one's road to success could cause damage to one's faith and deter the person from making any progress. Frustration, fear, anger, sorrow and humiliation are some of these obstacles. If we don't have the capacity to control these thoughts and feelings then it becomes difficult for us to lead a successful life. Fortunately human experience has shown things to be different, It was Gautama Buddha who said, "salvation lies in controlling ones thought". The secret of a successful life greatly depends on the vision one has about himself. Developing positive attitudes is therefore so very important in life. Tolerance is one such positive attitude.

If human energy is not properly channellised our lives could be ruined. Tolerance helps us to channelise our energies in the proper direction. For instance, anger if not proper channalised could lead to a lot of destruction.

Mahatma Gandhi rightly said; "One supreme lesson that I learnt in my life is to conserve my anger. Heat conserved is transmitted into energy. Similarly our anger conserved is transmitted into a strength that can move the entire world." Tolerance alone can give us the power to do this.

Surmounting difficulties too needs a tolerant attitude. We need confidence to overcome problems in life. No matter what the difficulties, setback and hurdles are, tolerance alone gives us the faith to preserve and make the sacrifices necessary to attain our goals.

Even when the answers never seem to come and solutions are hard to find tolerance alone makes us creative to find new ways of confronting those problems facing us.

Man has scaled the highest peak, delved into the deepest and largest ocean, soared into the unreachable skies, b lasted the smallest atom, walked on the surface of the moon and is now on the threshold of discovering the various secrets of life. He has made science and technology work unbelievable wonders. All these seeming impossibilities were made possible because someone, somewhere believed that these were possible.

Tolerance is therefore a miracle worker. It looks beyond all boundaries, transcends all limitations, penetrates all obstacles and finally achieves the goal. To be terse, it is the state of one's mind that finally makes the difference.

If we think we are beaten then we surely are. If we think we dare not, then we don't. Firm must be the will, tolerant the heart and passionate the aspiration to secure the fulfillment of a definite goal.

Tolerance thus helps us to build positive attitudes that helps us to achieve great things in life. All of us want success in life. A time-tested means of achieving success in life is tolerance. Are we ready to pay the price to attain our goals? If so, then let us begin to develop a tolerant attitude from this moment on.