iKen Brain Kid

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iKen Brain Kid

Who is the iKen Brain Kid?

iKen Brain Kids, is a futuristic Preschool and after school centre where every day the children learn something new and put in practice with various fun, interactive and technological modes of learning. With a perfect mix of art, craft and creativity, iKen Brain-e-kids makes learning more personalized, interactive and entertaining.

The Edutainment tools:

  • Exciting field trips
  • Technology advanced learning
  • Outdoor play area and equipment
  • Fun and interactive events
  • Parental-pal program
  • Zing pen and books
  • Skills development techiniques
  • Musical instruments
  • Fun with science and exploration
  • Stuffed toys, puppets
  • Pretend play
  • Children’s library
  • Teacher’s library
  • Padded books
  • DVDs of Rhymes, Interesting stories, tales.

Our specialties:

  • Student Teacher Ratio - 5:1
  • Day care from 8.30am to 8.00pm
  • Transport facility
  • World class education system
iKen Brain Kid
No. 720, HRBR 1st Block, 4th B Cross, Kalyan Nagar,
5660 043
Contact Info
96327 29845

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