Inner Dawn Counselling and Training Services

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Inner Dawn Counselling and Training Services

Inner Dawn provides professional and confidential counselling services in Bangalore for individuals, children, adolescents and couples at our centers. We also provide counselling and training services on location for organizations including Schools, Colleges, Corporates, NGOs etc.

Counsellors at Inner Dawn are
◦Trained and certified counsellors from reputed organizations like Parivarthan, Banjara Academy
◦Warm, accepting and understand your life situation
◦Non Judgmental
◦Practice as per the Ethical Guidelines of counselling
◦Have extensive prior working experience in Public, Private sector organizations, MNCs, Schools etc.
◦Work with multiple NGOs and Service organizations

We provide individual counselling, couple / marriage counselling, child and adolescent counselling, counselling and training services for corporates schools and colleges

Inner Dawn Counselling and Training Services
114, II Floor, 6th Main Road
Bairasandra, Jayanagar I Block East
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