Red Earth Resort

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Red Earth Resort

Your vacation depends upon the book that tells you where to go; it's called your cheque book. If you think money can't buy you happiness, it can certainly buy you a one of a kind experience at the End Earth Resort. Set on the backwaters of Kabini dam, the resort is rich in biodiversity and much effort has gone into preserving the ecosystem. The gardens, the verdant landscapes punctuated by glimmering pools and picturesque farmland have set the bar quite high. With bamboo they have constructed walls, grass for roofs and have used minimal cement, steel or stone in the entire project. They take proactive measures towards water conservation - treatment of water using electrolysis and recycling water which is used for drip line irrigation. In order to reduce the bulk of mineral water bottles, Red Earth uses the method of reverse omosis to filter water. Taking their gracious plantation into consideration, the most impressive feature is the ban on the use of pesticides or insecticides in order to keep safe the bird life.

Red Earth Resort
Via Anharasante, HD Kote Taluk Mysore Districk, Badane Kuppe, near Hosmalla
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+91- 8884733188, +91- 7022264116
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