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Sahaja Yoga - Discover the Peace within

Balance is the byword of this modern time. Who doesn't want to remain balanced in the face of the myriad stresses in the world, the workplace and even at home?
Self-realisation (Spirituality) is the only means to achieve complete balance. Spirituality means "Knowledge of spirit (Atma)". Spirit is in our hearts. The knowledge of knowing ourselves that we are Atma is termed as self-realisation (Second birth), which has always been the ultimate goal of all religions and spiritual traditions of the world. This can be achieved effortlessly through the process known as

Shri Nirmala Devi

Shri Nirmala Devi
Founder of Sahaja Yoga,

Sahaja Yoga, which is an invaluable gift to humanity given at a time, when thousands across this world are seeking the truth.
When one expresses desire for self-realisation in the presence of Shri Nirmala Devi or Her photograph, the sacred feminine Kundalini energy - a primordial power seated in the sacrum (sacred) bone gets awakened and ascends through a system of seven subtle energy centers, called as Chakras (plexus), existing within every human. Upon piercing through the sixth subtle chakra called as Agnya (optic chiasm), the ascending Kundalini has inbuilt capacity to soothe the thinking faculties and allowing the state of thoughtless awareness to manifest. This manifested state is called as Meditation.
This is not a blind faith but an enlightened faith experienced by thousands of people all over the world. This can be practiced irrespective of one’s age, sex, race, caste or nationality and is absolutely free. We invite all to experience the joyous state of self-realisation by attending Sahaja yoga meditation centers held weekly in different areas of Bangalore on different days.

Shri Nirmala Devi founded Sahaja yoga on 5th of May 1970. Her work towards unity and peace has been recognized throughout the world and acknowledged by awards from different countries including United Nation’s Peace prize.
Benefits of Sahaja Yoga:

  • Absolutely effortless and natural way of meditation, thereby Improvement of memory and concentration.
  • Improvement in Health and Natural cure from various addictions.
  • Love, peace and harmony in family life and social relations.
  • No need for any sort of rituals, penances, fasts, asceticism or physical deprivations.

says, "You cannot know the meaning of your life, until you are connected to the power that created you".

- Shri Nirmala Devi, Founder of Sahaja Yoga

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Mrs. Vahini
Phone: 6691008
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