Suchitra Film Society 'Celebrating Women' with the European Union Film Festival MARCH 21-28, 2013

Bangalore, March 7, 2013: Suchitra Film Society, the academy to promote Indian culture & cinema in association with European Union Film Festival on the occasion of 50th anniversary of EU-India friendship is paying a tribute to Women on this International Women’s month by screening 24 women oriented movies showcasing different shades and nuances of women, and will offer an insight into their remarkable lives, some of which might resonate with our Indian viewers. The festival will be held from March 21-28 in three venues- Suchitra Film Society, Alliance Francaise & Bangalore International Centre. For Further Communication Contact: Anand : 9845055034
A conference themed – Time to Talk- on What Women don’t want will be organized as a curtain raiser before the European Union Film Festival on March 17, 2013 at Suchitra Film Society.
“Women have been central to the film industry since its inception in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. From silent films to full-length feature films women has contributed as writers, directors, actors, and audience members.” Says Mr. Shashidhar, President, Suchitra Film Society.
Commencing from Coimbatore on March 8, 2013, the Festival will travel to 10 other Indian cities - Pune, Chennai, Goa, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chandigarh and Jodhpur apart from Bangalore. This wonderful selection of 24 films, each from a different EU Member State, manifests the European unity in diversity through the central theme of 'Women'. The EU Film Festival is organized by the EU Delegation to India and the Embassies of the EU Member States, in collaboration with a number of partners: Federation of Film Societies of India, Alliance Francaise, Goethe Institute / Max Mueller Bhavan, Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation, Kumaraguru College of Technology, Suchitra Film Society and Bangalore International Centre, National Film Archives of India, Cine Central Calcutta, Nandan Theatre, Entertainment Society of Goa, Chandigarh Film Society, Film Society of Jodhpur etc.
Suchitra strongly believes in the collective orientation in all its activities is associated with National Film Archieve of India, Pune/ Bangalore for regular screenings of classics. Alliance Francaise de Bangalore is the collaborative partner for conducting French language learning classes and screening of French films. These are in addition to being affiliated to Federation of Film Societies in India. Suchitra proposes to have similar collaborative efforts with other cultural and literary organizations for future activities.