RuralShores selects SAP Business ByDesign® to boost its expansion plan

RuralShores, a pioneer in rural Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has selected SAP Business ByDesign®, a cloud-based ERP solution, to ramp up its growth plan in India. The company, which currently has 12 centers across 8 states and rapidly expanding into other states, plans to open one center in each of the 500 rural districts of the country, thereby providing sustainable employment to more than 100,000 rural youth by 2025. RuralShores has selected SAP channel partner Zieta Technologies to implement the SAP Business ByDesign solution.

“The phenomenon of outsourcing back office operations from the West to lower cost destinations like India is almost a decade old story but what we are witnessing now is cascading of these back office projects to the country side,” says Murali Vullaganti, co-founder and CEO, RuralShores. “We are the pioneers in this field and have ambitious plans to increase our presence across the country. We have selected SAP Business ByDesign to support our growth plans.”

RuralShores, which was founded in May 2008 with the objective of generating employment opportunities for the rural youth of the country, is currently the market leader in nascent rural BPO. As RuralShores has grown steadily, their existing system was unable to keep up pace with the new demands. With the implementation of SAP Business ByDesign, the company now plans to streamline their entire business operations and get real time access to data throughout their operations across India, which is crucial for the company’s growth plans ahead

“We are very excited to be implementing SAP Business ByDesign at RuralShores. We are convinced that rural BPO is a very reliable business model and it will very soon see a ‘hockey stick type’ of growth,” says Chidambaram Barat, CEO, Zieta Technologies. “SAP Business ByDesign is a scalable and robust solution which will provide the IT platform necessary for RuralShores to sustain the huge growth in the future.”

About RuralShores:
RuralShores assimilates Rural Youth into the Knowledge Economy by creating sustainable impact sourcing through the deliverance of IT Enabled Services and Business Enablement Services. RuralShores aims to establish a centre in each of the 500 rural districts of the country thereby providing sustainable employment to over 100,000 rural youth by 2025.

Currently RuralShores has 12 centers in operation across 8 states in India, employing 1300 rural citizens and managing over 30 different processes for more than a dozen clients from various industries including Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Micro Finance, Logistics and Healthcare. Most of the processes are rule based transaction processing while some are local language voice support and Knowledge Process Outsourcing Services.

About Zieta Technologies:
ZIETA is global business, I.T. services & Product/Solution Company with a difference. Here pride and enthusiasm, excellence and passion, rub shoulders with the day-to-day realities of business. An aggressive customer-proactive, employee-oriented technology-company whose quintessential drive is growth, ZIETA seeks opportunity, pursues dreams and targets global expansion. ZIETA addresses the global marketplace based on a solid foundation of technology. Committed to providing employees a platform where excellence is a mantra. ZIETA strives to create an environment that builds careers while enriching life. A firm believer in community values, ZIETA is engaged in a range of strategic programs that generate benefits for the community. ZIETA is one of the fastest growing IT Services and Solution Company specializing in implementation of SAP Solutions to clients all over North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

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