Rotary Club of Bangalore announces Corporate Citizen and Citizen Extraordinaire Awards

From Right to Left Rtn. Gowri Oza, Chairperson of Vocational Services Committee,

Bangalore, June 4, 2015: Rotary Club of Bangalore (RCB), an Eighty year old and second largest in India, is part of 106 year old Rotary International; today announced its initiative to recognise the “Corporate Citizen and Citizen Extraordinaire Awards 2015-16” which recognizes people for their ‘Service above Self’ to the Community in Bangalore. The recognition is based on the key benchmarks of an organization’s overall success and reputation in the marketplace. The Corporate Citizen award Ceremony will take place on Monday, June 8, 2015 and Citizen Extraordinaire Awards on Monday, June 15, 2015 at Rotary House, Rotary Club of Bangalore.

The Corporate Citizens Awards recognize the most accomplished social and community initiatives in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility. This year RCB is facilitating KMF – Karnataka Milk Federation (Nandini) for their outstanding contributions in addressing some of society’s greatest needs. The sterling work culture followed by KMF includes sensitising farmers’ quality and delivery aspects. It has enabled farmers to work with pride and purpose both with respect to their family as well as the society at large.

“In the Citizen Extraordinaire Category we are honouring Dr. Annadurai of the ISRO fame, for his magnificent contributions made in the field of Science and Aerospace leading to the ‘Mangalayan Project” and the persistence & determination that he possess to mark India on the Global Scene for having the vision to better Science for the benefit of mankind” said, President Rtn Ramkumar Seshu”. This will be an opportunity for everyone to meet and understand our roles in building a strong and positive society,” added further. Citizen extraordinaire award, is given to a Bangalorean who has worked towards achieving a National Mile Stone. Someone who is a clean and apolitical, and worked beyond the concept of duty, or has worked beyond self. In the past years the award has gone to several Indian Luminaries including Prof. Satish Dhavan, Prof. U R Rao.

There are several awards in addition to the above that RCB give away in a year such as Women of Substance, NGO award, Pride of Workmanship Award etc and yet another gem of an award is the Citizen extraordinaire award, which is given to a Bangalorean who has worked towards National achievement.
RCB which celebrates its 80th year now, and a part of the world wide movement of Rotary which has recently achieved a mile stone in India/world by eradication of Polio. RCB extensively participates in community development and have over 20 schools, 1 hospital and 1 blood bank to their credit. RCBians have extensively worked in Health Care, Hygiene, Child and Women Welfare and Development, Medical and Vocational Services initiatives have been substantial in the past 80 years of their existence. RCB has also partnered with national and international agencies to bring about benefit to the community in Bangalore.