First Ever Pet Show likely to attract over 10,000 people

As many as 100 pet lovers are expected to take part in the first-ever Bangalore Pet Show – 2014 which will be held on Saturday, January 11, 2014, at the Jayamahal Palace Hotel, Bangalore and the show is expected to attract around 10,000 enthusiasts.

Announcing this at a press conference in Bangalore on Wednesday Mr Satya Narayan, Event Director of the show said the city has earlier played host to many a dog shows and cat shows. The Bangalore Pet Show is set to bring all pets together in a first of its kind all under one roof. He said the city is known for the variety of events like Music, Cultural and focused Shows, 'Santhes' and Fairs round the year – reflecting the truly cosmopolitan composition of the city. Renowned as a city of peace-loving citizens, Bangalore is also home to one of the largest number of pet lovers, be it at the professional level or on a more homely and amateur level.” Mr Satya Narayan said the show which is launched under the banner of Blue and White, an event management company in cooperation with the Tiger Protection Society, is more of an awareness campaign about various types of pets and will be an annual feature. Well known film director and producer Kavitha Lankesh, who was present at the press conference to endorse the show, said she is an avid lover of pets and the idea of bringing all types of pets under one roof was extraordinary and hoped people will turn out in good strength to encourage such shows.

The event aims to fill the vacuum with an all-comprehensive platform for pets, which brings together professional as well as amateur pet lovers, breeders, pet industry players, pet experts, government bodies and the general public. Apart from getting to see the varied exotic pets the show would like to open gates to a range of new products which are introduced into the market making the experience ideal for searching out and finding the freshest, most innovative products to hit the market. All under one roof to bolster the city’s status as a major pet lover’s paradise and encourage more citizens particularly the kids and youth to get hooked to the pet world.

The show feature exhibitors from around Bangalore displaying dog, cat, bird, aquatic, reptile and small animal products and services for a diverse buying audience that includes pet stores, groomers, kennel operators, boutique/specialty gift stores, hardware stores, big box stores, mail order catalogs, online stores, and distributors includes the Smart Zone Education Stations, the New Exhibitor Area, and the Celebration of Style Grooming Competition. Pets and animals from varied segments will be part of the show like a variety of Macaw, Cockatoo, Aquarium Fishes, Flower Horns, Iirvanas, Gold Fishes, Lovebirds, Persian Cats etc. In the dogs segment which is there will be Pitbulls, Labradors, Yorkshire Terrier, Golden Retriever. In the poultry section there will be turkeys, guinea fowls, roosters etc.

The highlight of the event for pet owners will be the stalls set up for Pet Advice with Expert veterinarians who will interact with the pet owners and general public about factors like hygiene, pet diet, health, pet behaviour and tendencies etc. and will engage in doubt clarifying sessions. For others can coming in, can spend a day out with all the exotic pets with food and entertainment stalls.

For Children especially the show aims to bring in a difference by educating them through various methods like Interactive Animal Games, Animal Education Corner, Live Pet Interaction etc. The kids will have a gaming corner where they can have interactive animal games sessions which will leave them
educated about animals. According to the organizers of the event when children from a young age bond with animals it brings about virtues of love, peace and compassion within the children setting the stage for a better world.

The show is presented in association with theTiger Protection Society with support for procuring medical tips for the Anti-Poaching staff.

For pet owners/exhibitors interested in participating in the event please contact – M.Sathya Natayan (8197979595), Ameen Khan (9739941015), Kiran Kumar (9916002229) Email: [email protected], Website: .