Go Green Run 2013 Bangalore Event to Campaign Save Green

[title-Go Green Run 2013 Bangalore Event]

Champion's Group Bangalore cordially invites Bangalore IT professionals to participate in a 10km- Go Green Run Relay - Minimum 4 People and Team Run - Minimum 6 people on July 20 starting at the Decathlon sports shop on Sarjapura Road. The Run is being organized as a tribute to the youth of Bangalore, their hard work and perseverance.

Participating in the Run will help you:

" We Plant a Tree in Your Name A Reason to Run 10K
" Campaign Go Green Bangalore

We strongly believe your organization is a great fit for the event and can add a lot of value to it. We would love to see you there on July 20.

Please find the event and registration details @ www.gogreenrun.com